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About Elisabeth

Bonjour ! Salut ! Hello!


Merci ! Thank you for visiting Hands On French in Nashville, Tn.


Mais oui ! I am a native French speaker and certified French teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching French as a foreign language to native English speakers from the age of 2+ to adults. Click here to learn more about my classes and teaching approach.


A propos (by the way) since French language and cooking se marient bien ensemble (go well together), I am finalizing a healthy cooking and language book, written in French with English translations for adults and kids. This website includes digital recordings of recipes in French that go with the book. Click here to learn more about The Hands On French Cookbook: Connect with French through Simple, Healthy Cooking.


Un autre truc (one more thing): In Paris I was a theater actor for fun and here, in the USA, a voice-over artist for the music industry, so I am always interested in other voice-over projects in French, English or Italian, as a way to revive my Parisian theater experience or even get my feet wet on stage! See more of the things I love by clicking here.

Need more info?


Email me: happy to answer your questions!


C’est tout pour maintenant ! That’s it for now!


À bientôt ! À plus ! See you soon!


- Elisabeth, owner of Hands On French

Image courtesy of Jeff Danley

Image © Jeff Danley

Collioure, France




Mais oui, I teach children starting at age 2+. It is so much fun to work with les tout-petits (toddlers) as well as older enfants (children)! No need to know how to read or write in your native language to start playing in French and having fun! Depending on your petite fille et/ou petit garçon (little girl and/or little boy), our session can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour pourquoi pas ! (why not!). To meet the needs, the curiosity and playful mood des petits (of the little ones), we play games, do art projects, move around...en français, bien sûr ! (in French, of course!). I use a great variety of very current and attractive resources from France such as children's books, audio books, songs, varied games, toys, hand made material for simulation and creativity etc.



Mais oui, I also teach adults of any age. First, one free session with you to understand your needs, expectations, learning goals, and your personality. Then, as many customized sessions as you wish (individual or small group): 


  • Using simple and interactive methods in a fun and encouraging environment, which allows you to build your confidence and improve your language skills.


  • Providing you with effective tools such as learning resources from France, which are very practical, current, attractive and interactive, as well as lots of games, which are very powerful in the language learning for children as well as adults, mais oui !


Currently teaching adults and children online.


You need more info? Click here for my bio. 



Email me: happy to answer your questions!



Hands On French: Allez, apprends le français en t’amusant !

                                       Come on, learn French the fun way!

Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France

Services and Rates

I am available for a variety of services:


  • Online or in-person French sessions


  • Private lessons / tutoring at all levels and ages for individuals or small groups in French


  • Voiceover and translations in French, English, and Italian




Download current rates for French sessions. 




Rates are subject to change. For other services, please contact me.


My French Cookbook


The Hands On French Cookbook: Connect with French through Simple, Healthy Cooking is a unique cookbook that offers healthy and simple French recipes while introducing French language and culture to English-speaking cooks and readers. This cookbook, written in French with English translations (plus digital recordings in French), will be for children aged 9+ and adults with varying levels of cooking and language skills. 


Ten French recipes include five main dishes and five desserts, prepared with seasonal vegetables and fruits plus other simple ingredients. Enjoy a nutritious and savory “Salade niçoise au quinoa” (“Niçoise Salad with Quinoa”) with fresh green beans, juicy grape tomatoes, and dotted with olives, followed by a simple “Clafoutis aux abricots” (“Clafoutis with Apricots”), a delicious flan flavored with moist fruits to tempt a sweet tooth!


Each detailed recipe features variations, including alternative ingredients for special diets, plus the chef’s ideas, twists and tips. For instance, try almond meal or rice flour for gluten-free diets; or almond, rice or soy milk for dairy-free ones. The chef’s chatty commentary entertains readers and reflects fun facts about French culture and history in “D’où vient...?” (“Where does ... come from?”) and “Qu’est-ce que c’est?” (“What is it?”). 

Hands On French Cookbook FRONT CVR FINAL

To follow each recipe, readers start with bilingual lists of ingredients, utensils, and command verbs (action words such as “mix”, “pour” and “bake”), then continue with step-by-step instructions. The vocabulary list and command verbs help second language learners absorb new vocabulary and language conventions through TPR (Total Physical Response), a proven language learning tool, which uses commands and specific body movements, the same way that readers learned their native tongue.


Since it is a multifaceted book, The Hands On French Cookbook will benefit a broad audience, including French students and teachers as well as parents of curious children, health-conscious cooks, vegetarians, and anyone interested in learning about French language and culture in a fun and engaging way. It is beaucoup de fun!

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Now available where books are sold:

Amazon Kindle


Click here to download a sample recipe of "Quiche sans pâte," a crustless quiche with fresh vegetables, and fill in the ingredients in this downloadable crossword puzzle for fun.


My Recipes Audio

When you are using The Hands On French Cookbook, you can also listen to Elisabeth read the recipes in the audio files below and practice your pronunciation. 

Quiche - Elisabeth de Châtillon
00:00 / 00:00
Buckwheat Crepes.jpg
Buckwheat Crepes - Elisabeth de Châtillon
00:00 / 00:00
Lentils - Elisabeth de Châtillon
00:00 / 00:00
Salad - Elisabeth de Châtillon
00:00 / 00:00
Potato Gratin.jpg
Potato Gratin - Elisabeth de Châtillon
00:00 / 00:00
Chocolate Mousse.jpg
Chocolate Mousse - Elisabeth de Châtillon
00:00 / 00:00
Sweet Spelt Crepes.jpg
Sweet Spelt Crepes - Elisabeth de Châtillon
00:00 / 00:00
Apricot Clafoutis.jpg
Apricot Clafoutis - Elisabeth de Châtillon
00:00 / 00:00
Yogurt Cake.jpg
Yogurt Cake - Elisabeth de Châtillon
00:00 / 00:00
Kings Galette.jpg
Kings' Galette - Elisabeth de Châtillon
00:00 / 00:00

What Do I Love?

Qu'est-ce que j'aime?

--Ron my husband and Minou my bilingual cat, my family, our dogs and my friends bien sûr ! (of course)

--stepping on my yoga mat every breath for life!


--swimming in the ocean and lakes


---walking in nature preferably by the water, my favorite of the 5 elements


--singing, chanting, dancing and acting

--cooking and eating simple good food with red wine, bien sûr !


--drinking good tea every day on my own, with my friends and even my students


--watching movies such as art films and foreign movies, dramas, documentaries


--reading good novels and also spiritual books in French as well as in English or Italian

--traveling in the US and abroad, the best thing in life! Love Europe, lived in London, Paris and Italy (my favorite...can’t wait to live there again!!!)


--art and museums, especially in Paris, France


--and last but not least... taking care of people and socializing around a good meal. Several of my students have become mes amis ! (my friends!)

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New Orleans Eli a la tele
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"I highly recommend Elisabeth for anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the French language and culture. Her instruction employs the best methods for learning for both adults and children alike."

- Alice, parent and student

"Eli is a great teacher with lots of different resources and learning modalities, she is extremely flexible and finds the right tools to meet your needs so you can parler français avec confiance!  She is also great with kids. My son loves to visit 'Chez Eli' for games, books, toys, music: a playdate 'en français'. She improves his vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation."

- Ruth, parent and student

"When my 3 year old asked to learn French, I thought finding a instructor would be a lost cause. You can imagine my delight when I uncovered Elisabeth de Chatillon. My daughter immediately warmed to her positive disposition and engaging teaching style. Elisabeth incorporated games and activities my daughter looked forward to playing each week. I was so pleased to see how quickly basic vocabulary was grasped that I too decided to participate.
Learning a new language can be difficult and some times, discouraging. Having a patient instructor who is capable of working with individuals of all ages and skill sets is something one doesn't come across often. Elisabeth is highly regarded and we look forward to our continued learning."

- Katie, parent and student

Ars-en-Ré, France

Ars-en-Ré, France

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Ars-en-Ré, France


Elisabeth de Châtillon

Hands On French
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